Surface Preparation

Using high pressure water jetting equipment in order to prepare surfaces is a widely used application of JETECH high pressure equipment. There are several benefits to using high pressure water jetting for surface preparation:

Cleaner than sandblasting
There is a large amount of dust and dirt that deposits on the surrounding area when sandblasting. Water jetting only expels water vapors.

Available for wide variety of applications
High pressure water jetting can be use to prepare a wide variety of surfaces, from small parts, to large, vast vertical surfaces or horizontal surfaces.

Meets highest standard for surface preparation
Water jetting removes all surface material and contaminants. It also prepares the surface so the new adherents will properly stick.

Water jetting is a lower cost alternative to many other surface preparation practices.

Environmentally friendly
Water jetting does not require chemicals or particles (as in sandblasting) to clean and prepare surfaces for new adherents. Only water vapor is left behind.

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