Electric Pumping Systems

Jetech electric pumping systems are used worldwide in the contracting and process industries. Electric units are typically PLC controlled and highly customizable to fit your needs. Jetech electric pumping systems include inlet water tanks and charge pumps to ensure proper suction conditions. System protections are standard on all Jetech units; Inlet tank level, inlet water pressure, power frame oil temperature, power frame oil pressure, etc. Go to the pump page, select a pump model to see the specific electric unit specifications and options.

Need an electric-powered water pump for your water jetting projects? JETECH’s Electric-powered pumping systems are a high quality, high efficiency solution for your high-pressure applications. Our electric pumping systems are proven to meet all the needs of the user, and more. Our pumping systems are customizable with several options to create a product for your purpose.

Standard equipment on JETECH’s electric powered pumps include:

  • JETECH® industry leading high presssure pump with
    "AD"Liquid End
  • Heavy Duty Fabricated Steel Skid
  • Electric Motor (TEFC)
  • Control Panel
  • Discharge Instrument Manifold
  • Inlet Water Filtration
  • Inlet Water Plumbing-Non Corrosive
  • Industrial Drive System-Coupling or Belt and Sheave
  • Coupling/Belt Guard

Optional equipment on JETECH’s electric powered pumps include:

  • Soft Start Controller
  • Custom Discharge Valving
  • Inlet Charge Pump
  • Inlet Supply Tank
  • Lifting Frame
  • Trailer

Electric Pumping Systems We Offer