The pressure gauge is one of those critical components most take for granted. Equipment operators must have accurate pressure readings to ensure safe operation of the equipment and to perform the tasks required. Jetech stocks Ultra High pressure gauges for quick delivery. Call us today and ensure that your equipment is performing at the pressures required.

An accurate and reliable gauge is essential to high-pressure jetting and cleaning. Obtaining and maintaining the correct pressure for your specific high-pressure water application is needed for efficiency and elimination of surface damages. JETECH is a distributor of high quality analog and digital gauges for use on high-pressure water jetting equipment.

JETECH carries many various pressure gauges designed specifically for water jetting applications and equipment. Our mechanical gauges are high quality instruments and are designed for standard applications. Our mechanical gauges are designed for these three pressure ranges:

  • Medium pressure systems
  • High pressure systems
  • Ultra high pressure systems

Features of our mechanical gauges include:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Glycerin filled
  • Clear laminated safety glass
  • Precision movement
  • Color coded gauge faces

We also carry electronic gauges for your high pressure water jetting equipment. Electronic gauges are appropriate for high pressure and ultra high pressure systems. The advantages of electronic gauges include:

  • Easy to read digital displays
  • Extremely reliable
  • High degree of accuracy
  • Ability to remotely monitor system pressure away from equipment

Jetech Gaugues We Offer